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So a while back I was digging around on the HP Lexicon for something - I don't even remember what anymore - and I got caught up in the list of Quidditch teams around the world. A lot of them don't have logos, which didn't sit right with me, so I gave in to the rabid urge to make some. A few of these have already gone on deviantArt (and the rest will go up there eventually) but I wanted to have a master list of the teams and what I've done for them, so expect this to be a fairly long post that I'll edit as I get more teams done.

When I'm done, I hope to have two for each team: a Euroleague style patch and an American football style mascot/logo. Not everything's coloured yet, but here's what I do have!

The Arrows' robes are pale blue with a silver arrow. An apple for Appleby, and we have the robe patch! I'm not entirely pleased by it, but..!

A team from Lithuania, their existence is only mentioned in Quidditch Through the Ages because of their narrow defeat of the Toyohashi Tengus. There is no given robe style, but I figure their colours to likely be crimson and cream or crimson and dark grey.

A Harrier is a type of hawk, and while the patch actually sports a Prussian Eagle, when has logic ever mattered to a wizard? The Heidelberg Harriers don't have an official colour scheme, so crimson (like the stone of their castle and many of their roofs), gold, and black (for, well, the Prussian Empire, which I like to think is still around in the Wizarding World). It's a little Gryffindor, but we can't base every worldy comparison around a school in Scotland.

One of my favourites that I've finished so far! I feel so clever with the meteorite-snitch and all. The Moosejaw, Saskatchewan team also wasn't given any official colour scheme, so I used their city crest as inspiration. Their colours then are a pale, mint green and taupe.

These guys are French and they don't care who knows it. Their robes are, supposedly, shocking pink. I... might just pair it with white to blind everyone once I get a patch done.

Sweetwater, Texas, United States: home of the WASPS and the All-Stars Quidditch Club alike. The WASPS may have been disbanded, but I'd like to think their fellow sky-fliers would honour them and share a mascot (suitably kitted out, of course). The All-Stars' colour scheme is red, white, and blue, of course (though usually they use crimson, silver, and navy).

This most famous Peruvian team was fun to draw for. I figured their colours to be green and gold, just for a little variety. Red features prominently on their flag, but a lot of teams already incorporate that colour, so I figured they'd go with something a little mellower.

I'm not entirely pleased with this guy, but he'd probably take his mascot duties seriously. If I redraw him, I'll have to remember to add a chrysanthemum to his outfit to show the Tennō's support for (one of) his national team(s). The Tengus' colours are probably black and red.

This one was actually pretty fun to make and I have an idea for their mascot/logo already sketched out. Canon states the Wasps' robes are black and yellow with a wasp on them, so... here it is!


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