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I swear I haven't been slacking since I finished The Tide! I've been trolling through [community profile] fic_promptly 's prompt archives and have gotten some pretty great inspiration for little fics. My only two fills so far are too small for me to comfortably post on AO3 or FFN, so they're going here (and maybe LJ). So here, have some mini-fics!

don't let go

It’s hard to remember sometimes (when the dark closes in and the hissing, crackling static becomes all she knows) that no matter what the City looks like (what’s out there, creeping into her mind like so many spiders to pull her inside out) all she has to do is move her hand those few precious inches (sometimes less but never ever more) and everything will be clear again.

[jest wszystko w porządku?]

[it is now.]

(The Polish is Google-translated, sorry, but says 'Is everything alright?')

She might not have been the original but who said the first(second, third, sixth) version was always the best anyway?

(Of course she knew the old legend. It clung to the shadows of the forest arena and under the rose bushes and filled the cracks of Ohtori until nothing could escape its grasp. Everyone knew it on some level; most just hadn’t looked hard enough at the flawless eggshell they lived inside to see the fractures spreading wider and wider as the Prince continued to try and break her way through it.)

So when the Prince survived - walked away(escaped) and took the Witch with her(not with her at all) - there needed to be a new Sacrifice and there was no way she could fill that role. Then the new Prince stepped into the rose-coloured shoes left behind but without a Witch to fight for(against) there would be no shadow play and the cracks would grow until the legend would be unable to hold them together.

So she took it upon herself to be the Witch and prepared her own Sacrifice.

(She had always known they would be this way and really her brother was meant for no one else but her. This time the Prince would fail and the Witch would win and the Revolution would go on without them because Ohtori was a world that remade itself every time it was broken and there was no fighting destiny.)

So she might not have been the original but she knew that she was strong enough.

She took the Thousand Swords into herself and the world(egg) cried for(celebrated) her brother’s imprisonment(freedom, at last).

(Utena is hard to write for, but I hope I caught the feeling behind it well enough.)


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