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So I finally got around to setting up the all-in-one printer my parents got me for Christmas. Late as I am, it does mean that I won't have to go around to their place every time I want to scan something or print references and whatnot.

To prove it works, I scanned in one of two super-secret presents for [personal profile] ashesandghostff. Of course, because it's a secret, I can't post that until it's time to reveal them, so I also scanned a new icon for myself as well as bust of a suitless Kal'Reegar concept I've been working on. (He's totally saying "Yes ma'am.")

Aside from that, I haven't actually had much time (read: will) to do... fannish things. I started a new shortfic (Avengers, I've never written them before so it's a little weird) and got some done on Legacy: Prodigal (IY/HP worldbuilding, basically) but not much else.

I really just need to sit down and watch a playthrough of the Ochu fight in FFX so I can finish off that scene in AMoDS, but I've been saying that for weeks and, well... Fight scenes are hard guys. Especially from the POV of someone unused to the usual terms of the world. In light of that, I think tomorrow will be Tea and Writing Day. (I will probably succeed until lunch, after which Sola might drag me off, but..!)


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