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Hello! Welcome to my miniature madhouse. Won't you come in and have some tea?

Transformative Works Policy

For the most part, I write fic. Almost exclusively Deus Ex these days, though I still love the original Mass Effect trilogy and have my fingers in Harry Potter, Inuyasha, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and Doctor Who, amoung others. Everything is posted on AO3, most of it crossposted to FFN, and rough drafts and extra bits and pieces can be found on LJ and tumblr as well.

Complete (Edited) Works List | Complete (Rough) Works List | (Incomplete) Unfinished Works List | (Complete) Unfinished Works List

I also occasionally draw some fanart. My ongoing 'project' there is creating logos/mascots/robe patches for the various canon Quidditch teams in Harry Potter.

Quidditch Logo Master List

I am open to answering any question or even trying my hand at writing/drawing something for you, if you like! I may not be the swiftest, but I can be found at any of the following places, if getting a message to me through DW isn't working.

FFN | AO3 | dA | LJ | twitter | tumblr

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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So a while back I was digging around on the HP Lexicon for something - I don't even remember what anymore - and I got caught up in the list of Quidditch teams around the world. A lot of them don't have logos, which didn't sit right with me, so I gave in to the rabid urge to make some. A few of these have already gone on deviantArt (and the rest will go up there eventually) but I wanted to have a master list of the teams and what I've done for them, so expect this to be a fairly long post that I'll edit as I get more teams done.

When I'm done, I hope to have two for each team: a Euroleague style patch and an American football style mascot/logo. Not everything's coloured yet, but here's what I do have!

Appleby Arrows )
Gorodok Gargoyles )
Heidelberg Harriers )
Moosejaw Meteorites )
Quiberon Quafflepunchers )
Sweetwater All-Stars )
Tarapoto Treeskimmers )
Toyohashi Tengu )
Wimbourne Wasps )


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