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Well, as I said in the post a few months ago, I'm having some terrible writer's block. To help me sort out exactly what's going on and where I am on everything, I figured I would actually get around to making a list of every fic I have in progress (outside of just a prompt or summery jotted down somewhere) and how close to done I feel I am in them. Maybe then I'll be a little more motivated to finish them.

By fandom:

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic:

A Clamour of Rooks
Based around the premise that Carth is just as injured in the escape pod landing as Revan. The Black Vulkars find him, nurse him back to health, and help him rescue Bastila. Canderous, however, has found Revan, cleaned her up, and taken her on as a partner in his plan to get off-world. Revan just wants to be free of Jedi obligations (and maybe get a little revenge on Malak while she can). 

I'm hardly into the Taris section and, even though it will be fairly AU once they're all off-world, this one requires a lot of work to finish.

An optimistic 8% done.

(Canderous retelling)
An exercise for myself in not using Revan's name until the Leviathan reveal. Fast retelling up until that point, probably only a chapter or two max, as I plan to mostly follow the game canon. After that, however, I may open it up to a Canderous/Revan romance and adding to canon as I see fit. That part I'm less sure on.

Again, barely into Taris, but still an optimistic 10% finished.

Mass Effect / Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Knights of Confusion
Post-ME2, Pre-KotOR games. When the return through the Omega 4 relay lands the Normandy in an entirely different galaxy, there's nothing to do but find a way to fit in and hope there's a way home somehow. Considering the crew thought it would be a suicide mission though, there's not much urgency on that last part. However, since the first world they come across is Taris at the end of Zayne Carrick's career as a padawan, there might be a pretty hefty need for them right where they ended up.

First chapter/prologue written and no idea how long it'll end up, I'll say 5% done with this one.
Untitled (Post-Control, Pre-KotOR)
Not really sure where I was going with this, except that I wanted a Reaper!Shepard, hardened by the choice she had to make and yet still compassionate and protective of life, meeting up with Malak and Revan shortly after their descent into darkness. Shepard, basically being nearly all-powerful and knowing at least some of what they're going through and their reasons for it, comes in and messes with canon to fix things.

Probably not going to be all that long, but I need to sort out some of the continuity things between the SW games and comics, so all I have written down is a prologue, really.

Maybe... 10% done?

Mass Effect:

Soldier and Spy
Twin Shepards making the games significantly easier through the use of both his straightforward soldiering tactics and her stealthy spying. I haven't gotten that far, considering I can't decide who gets to take care of which mission and how to move them around. The Homeworld comics also messed with a bit of pre-canon, so I went back to revise Tali's story as well. I actually would like to get this one done, as I have a bit of a nice speech for Ambassador Udina to spit at the Council regarding the hunt for Saren and their unwillingness to do anything about his blatant misuse of Spectre resources.

I probably won't actually run through all three games, at least not right away, and I'd say I'm 8% done with the first one?

Recreans Legio
Post-Control Shepard reconstructs Legion. I have a good one-shot for this, but the original prompt asked for Shep/Legion romance (if not actual sex, given Shepard's lack of a body and the fact that they're both synthetics and don't require such an act for reproduction) and I hadn't fit it in, so I'm looking for inspiration to extend it.

So... 70% done?

Given What You Know
Androgynous!Shep retelling of the games. So far, I really only have character reactions to their notions of who (or how) Shep should be (or act) so it's not a cohesive story yet and I don't know if it ever will be.

Uh... 5%?

Untitled (Quarian First Contact AU)
This has the potential to be a monster, and so I only really have a prologue written. The problem is, this story would require the introduction of about a million OCs, which isn't something I'm totally into (nor adept at). Maybe someday I'll get back to this one.

Seriously? Probably less than 1% done.

Mass Effect / Final Fantasy X:

A Memory of Distant Stars
Ah, the ever-popular 'replace one character with another and see how canon changes' crossover. I'm actually quite proud of how I've managed to weave these two canons together, and I really just need to buckle down and replay (or watch someone else replay) FFX so I know where I can shift things due to Shepard's influence on Spira. I can't wait until Seymour's introduction. Or Auron's, come to think of it.

Probably about 20% done, given that I have a few later scenes all written and waiting for the bridging to be built.

Mass Effect / World of Warcraft:

Untitled (Mid-ME3, Post-Ulduar, Pre-ICC)
Ahaha... this was more an idea I just couldn't shake until I got it down on paper than anything else. The idea was that a Shepard in the middle of the war against the Reapers, must make an emergency landing on Azeroth, which has been deemed a No Contact planet by the Council. Instead of a drop and repair, she finds herself and her crew in the middle of another war and the locals unwilling to just let the Normandy leave. So, Spectre help through the Wrathgate and assault on Icecrown, a bit of a snarky smackdown to the Alliance (and Garrosh), and a couple of changes to both established canon endings as a result.

Sadly, only somewhere around 2% done.

Mass Effect / Doctor Who:

This Unimagined Life
This is an ME2/3 sequel to This Fantastic Life, with Rose as Shepard. Her resurrection has more to do with Bad Wolf than anything Cerberus could manage, but still, it's good to be alive. Like TFL, this will be an accelerated move through the games, briefly touching on the people and how they affect Rose more than the events that get them to the end line.

Probably somewhere around 10% complete, once I revise a bit of the beginning.

Once Upon a Time / Doctor Who:

Untitled ("Something of a Wolf in you.")
Not actually very sure where I'm going with this one. I have two different starts to this (one in the FTL and one in the LWM) and I can't decide which I like better. The main idea I started with was post-Ten Rose, hopping around with her dimension cannon on missions from Torchwood, either investigates the mysterious readings coming from a town that shouldn't exist or lands in the woods of Misthaven and tries to figure out why she's there. In both scenarios, she finds a kindred spirit in Red, as they both know what it's like to have to keep the wolf at bay.

Sadly, both scenarios are probably only 3% complete.

Once Upon a Time:

Filling the Well
Soulmate-name trope. This will probably be a fast, semi-divergent retelling up through the end of S3. So, maybe six chapters at most, as I work out a season or so per chapter, per POV.

With that in mind, about 45% complete.

I'll Carry My Oar ('Til I Find You)
Sort of a character study of Killian Jones, starting with his introduction in S2 and finishing with the end of S3.

About 15% complete.

Untitled (Succubus!Emma AU)
A pre-show divergence showing Emma as a succubus and not knowing how to deal with it or even what she is. This will probably continue into the series, up until the end of S3 at the latest.

Oh, probably 8% complete.

Untitled (Post 3x11 canon divergence)
Instead of Emma being immune to the uncasting of the Curse during 2x11, she too will return to the realm in which she was born. This would leave Henry all alone, except for the tiny little fact that Killian Jones was born in this world as well, well over 300 years previous. Cue the adventures of modern single dad Killian and his adopted son Henry as well as everyone else's frantic attempts to return to them while avoiding the machinations of the Wicked Witch.

Probably no more than 5% complete, because I'm terrible.

Once Upon a Time / Assassin's Creed:

Untitled (Post S3, AC4)
Originally based around the premise that, if Blackbeard was Hook's father, wouldn't Edward and crew know him as well and want to let his children know how his father died? That basic bit is still in there (though given how Blackbeard was portrayed on the show, even that might change), but in setting up the backstory to allow them to have met at all, as well as how Edward (and crew) survived 300 years, this has expanded to include as-yet-unused-by-OUaT Disney antagonists Yzma and Azma and delved further into the methods by which these two disparate canons could be merged.

Given my need to revise this as it's being written to accommodate new twists and making sure the timelines work out, probably a mere 3% complete.

Assassin's Creed:

Untitled (Connor as a Park Ranger AU)
Hahaha, I really want to finish this, if only because I have some really great references all planned and I want to make Connor just get frustrated with all these animals that shouldn't like humans but come rub up on him to the amusement of his co-workers. I should really plan more modern!AU assassin fics with these boys that aren't all about the hookups like so many out there. I mean, that's good, but I suck at mansex scenes and AaG has enough on their plate without me begging for help in that quarter.

Eh, I'd say 5% done with this first story, but I also don't know how long it'll end up being, so..!

Harry Potter / Assassin's Creed:

Eagle Hawk
Harry as an assassin has been done so many ways, but I'm not sure I've seen this one (not that I've been going looking since I started writing this). I'm not really sure how far I'll go into the books with this, though I've drawn a bit of art all the way through the seventh. I've got bullet points for who I'd like to be where in the timeline and what each Founder's Artifact could translate into as a Piece of Eden. However, the only bits I actually have written are the prologue regarding how Harry is moved from the Dursley's to an assassin cell and a bit of the first meeting with Hagrid when he's eleven.

With regards to that, I'd say I'm about 5% through the bits of book one I want to cover.

Harry Potter:

Ad Femina
Fem!Harry and a Petunia who has always craved a daughter and never quite cut off contact with her sister. Just a few changes and tada! A relatively happy childhood for everyone involved. I quite like where I'm headed with this one, so I hope I can get past the pre-Hogwarts years I have set up. Not sure how far into them I'll go, as with any HP story I write, but hopefully at least I'll get through first year before moving on to something else.

Probably about 3% done with book one.
Black Rising
Oh this one's exciting, though I really only have an outline and some of the first scenes worked out. My hold up here is the fleshing out of the character of Regulus Black and how accurate to early-mid '80s southwestern Germany I want to be. Once I figure that out, I think it'll go as smooth as any other story of mine (hahaha...). I'll probably only take this up through the start of first year, but we'll see when we get there, won't we?

Maybe 2% done, excluding the outline.

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
Expert spitter Harry Potter messes up Voldy's resurrection ritual and not only gets a penpal, but a Wormtail out of the deal, free of charge. Basically I just need to figure out where to end this.

85% done, at least.

Harry Potter / Final Fantasy IX:

Untitled (Amarant and Zidane cross worlds)
The beginning of this could be used as a crossover for just about anything, actually. In fact, I had the idea once to just write that and then several intro scenarios for different places they could end up. Given how far I've actually gotten in the HP world (not very) I may still go that route. As it stands, however, I can't think of many other worlds I would care to drop them in right at the moment.

Probably about 90% done with the pre-crossing setup, then about 6% done with the post-crossing section.

Harry Potter / InuYasha:

This and the other two Legacy stories are all part of a terribly huge idea I had to merge the canons of HP and IY in a believable manner. Miraculously, the timelines work out rather well, and the first story here is really just the Marauder's Era setup for Aftermath.

I'll say 8% done with this, even if all I have is part of the first chapter written.

Legacy: Aftermath
The main bulk of the HP storyline will be put in here, but since I've decided to mess with the pre-canon in Legacy, this whole thing is a rewrite of the books with added characters (who I may yet rename, because what the hell was I thinking, really) and a grumpy Dumbledore.

Hah, since I really only have the first chapter or so done, this one's about 2% complete.

Legacy: Prodigal
The prequel to the other two, this one covers how Marius Black becomes Grandpa Higurashi (my main link to making these two canons play nice).

Considering I'm not covering the whole of his life in excruciating detail, an optimistic 75% done with this one.

Pinky Swear
The one everyone wants me to complete. This is a totally different meshing of the HP and IY canons, so everything laid out in Legacy has no effect here. I really want to finish this just before Harry heads to Hogwarts, but I may or may not have titles all picked out for sequels to cover the other years. Hopeless, I am.

If we stay pre-Hogwarts, I'd call this 25% complete.

Harry Potter / Sherlock:

Untitled (Fem!Harry is Harriet)
Definitely not doing the whole series with this, given that I only watched the first three episodes or so. I really only have a few scenes written out, so I'll probably shift this focus to something more like an interrelated drabble series.

With that in mind, probably a good 60% done with two or three separate drabbles and less than that on one or two more.

Harry Potter / Dragaeran Cycle / Vlad Taltos series:

Untitled (Morganti AU)
This was a plot idea from FFN user Dymian, and I have to say I'm a bit ashamed it didn't occur to me before then. Harry finds (or in my case, inherits) one of the seventeen Great Morganti weapons. Normally, the inheriting thing isn't really a deal, as those seventeen bond with people and then become very possessive of them, but stretching canon is kind of how this works, right? I'm all for the caveat put down that Harry cannot come into possession of one already named in the series, as those weapons are bound to those characters and have literally followed some of them through the afterlife to stay together.

I've got a good base down, including the alternate way Harry would have survived Voldy's death spell (he didn't) as a baby and how, seeing as the weapon has a personality of sorts, it is the real focus of the prophecy. (I feel like I just gave away endgame there, but eh!) Aside from that, though, I haven't gotten very far.

So, probably something like 3% complete, as this story would have to cover killing every soul piece separately.

Deus Ex (all):

Codex Break (Mankind Divided/System Rift redo):
This started out as me upset about the premise of the System Rift DLC, and ended with me inserting Pritchard into the rest of the MD canon to make everything work out alright. This is not the one where I fix the fact that Jensen never really said those things, this is the one where I work around it.

I've got some neat bits done later, and an actual outline for once, but maybe this is like 10% complete.

Untitled (deaf!Pritchard AU):
Oh yes. Exactly what it says on the tin, with the added bonus of signing!Jensen as part of the SWAT team that arrests Pritchard prior to canon. Not sure how far I'll go, but probably through the end of Human Revolution at least. 

In which case, 3%?

[We Would've Made] Cowardly Kings (Sentinel/Guide AU):
In which Pritchard is a Guide who, after a bad experience with an only partially compatible Sentinel, doesn't really want another. Unfortunately, the attack by the Tyrants that leaves Jensen nearly dead has stirred up long-suppressed instincts that Adam no longer knows how to control.

This is a pretty easy going one, given that all I know of S/G AUs I learned from fanfic. It didn't really go in the direction my initial idea-ramble did, so I'm not sure if it's somewhere around basically complete or only 10%. We'll see what AaG says.
Untitled (Prison AU):
Wherein Pritchard actually spends time in prison after his hacking attempt on Sarif Industries, and inside he meets an Adam who took a slightly different path. Even unaugmented, Jensen is one of the best hit men in the world. He's there on a job, posing as a prisoner in order to kill a corrupted warden, paid handsomely by the family of a former inmate who had died in the man's care. They meet, negotiate a mutually beneficial partnership, and then Francis gets out. Once Adam's completed his job (and sentence), Pritchard gets him a job at SI as well, and they negotiate a much more equal relationship.
Ehhhh 3%?

(Save the bby!Dentons AU):
The child whose mother is killed in the Ruzicka Station bombing is actually Paul Denton. Adam ends up taking care of him, eventually asking Pritchard for help. Also, they find baby JC in GARM, and bring him home. Soft dads Jensard, basically.
Hah! Also probably only around 3%.

Wow, this got really long (and a little depressing, given the number of these less than a quarter complete). Well, it's a new year and all that, so let's get writing!
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Well now, let's keep current, then move backwards!

In your own space, talk about setting yourself a fannish goal. Big or small, it doesn't matter. Some great examples include: complete a bingo, sign-up for a Big Bang, write that fic you've been thinking about for years, podfic that story that you love, make a fanmix for your fandom, post that bit of meta or reclist you keep postponing. Maybe resolve to be better at leaving feedback, or answering comments.

Setting goals has been something that I struggle with a little. I seem to have an issue with finishing projects at all sometimes. However! I will do this and then, at the very least, [personal profile] ashesandghostff will stare at me disapprovingly until I do what I said I would. (Sometimes it takes a village, eh?)

This is, by far, an incomplete list, but it contains my fifteen top priorities at the moment.
Unfinished Works:

  1. A Memory of Distant Stars (FFX/ME; Fem!Shepard rather than Tidus)
  2. Angel's Chorus (ME; Save Sidonis) Done!
  3. Pinky Swear (IY/HP; Sesshōmaru raises Harry)
  4. This Unimagined Life (DW/ME; ME2/3 sequel to This Fantastic Life)
  5. A Clamour of Rooks (SW:KotOR; Canderous finds Revan before Carth)
  6. Soldier and Spy (ME; Twin!Sheps take on the games)
  7. Recreans Legio (ME; Post Control, Shepard restores Legion)
  8. Given What You Know (ME; Androgynous!Shep confuses everyone)
  9. Legacy: Prodigal (IY/HP; Marius Black becomes Grandpa Higurashi)
  10. Ad Femina (HP; Fem!Harry, good!Dursleys)
  11. Eagle Hawk (AC/HP; Assassin!Harry)
  12. Untitled (FFIX/HP; Amarant and Zidane cross worlds)
  13. Untitled (SW:KotOR/ME; The Omega 4 Relay doesn't return to where it should)
  14. Untitled (ME; Quarian First Contact AU)
  15. Untitled (Sherlock/HP; Fem!Harry is Harriet)

So the goal here is, within the next year, to finish at least A Memory of Distant Stars and Angel's Chorus. Angel's Chorus should really be top priority, since it's been sitting undone for almost a year and, for a relatively short kmeme fill, that's... a little too long. After those, Pinky Swear and on down to number 14 I'd like to get at least a few chapters of each out and somewhere they can get feedback. Number 15, the untitled Sherlock/Harry Potter cross, I'd like to finish as a treat for AshesandGhost's ExtraGhost (Ghost+? SecondaryGhost?). She gave the biggest puppy dog eyes and, really? (I'm a sucker)

For shorter term goals, I have two super-secret presents for AaG that I can't say anything about because..! Also, I'm currently signed up for [community profile] space_swap, so I will do that magic when assignments come out in mid-February. If I feel like I have time, I'd like to sign up for more challenges and swaps and the like, but I'm pitifully bad at finding them.

All in all, a bit of a full plate for the year (at least it seems so to me) and here's hoping AaG doesn't have to beat me up on our coffee dates to get me to finish.


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