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It's a little weird, because for a long time I was totally into the canon pairings of FFIX: Garnet/Zidane, Beatrice/Steiner and (implied, later) Eiko/Vivi. I never did like Lani, though.

I don't know. Amarant is so... snarky. He doesn't take shit from Zidane and they have weird not-quite-flirts in their dialogue. Plus Zidane is the reason Amarant is a wanted man and they still get over that (and other issues) to save the world together. I guess I just figure... Zidane is too much of a wanderer. He has thieving and traveling in his blood. He wouldn't be able to sit down and help rule a kingdom without some major political upheaval. Sure he's a hero and personal friends with Cid, Hilde, and Eiko, but that doesn't mean he'd make a good king. Amarant himself is a wanderer too and I feel like they would come together out of their shared experiences and challenge eachother to reach new heights.

Whatever! This is a long justification for the fact that I love me some Amarant/Zidane and there's just not enough of it in the world! The drawing below is from a Final Fantasy IX crossover that I'm not sure I'll ever finish (but I'm trying!). Zidane gets injured when Eiko messes up an experimental summons and instead flings the bounty hunter and the thief through dimensions. So here's a pissed and worried Amarant with an injured Zidane, going to look for help.


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