Jan. 4th, 2014

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Honestly, I'm not that picky. Overall, whatever you give me, I’m down for! No worries that I’ll toss you out the airlock or anything. (I might leave a gizka in your cargo hold though, no hard feelings!)

Things I adore? A good adventure, for one. Gimme a little plot if it’s gonna be porn, but epic bromances are are victory-fist-worthy! I love humor. It makes my day when characters can joke around and tease each other. I’m a sucker for romance as well; established or not, I am down with relationships. Worldbuilding, alternate universes, canon divergences, happy endings, saving canonically doomed characters, deliberate misdirections and plot twists… all of these things make me pleased!

Things I’m not so keen on? Angst, most character bashing (I enjoy the villains more than the heroes, sometimes), extreme gore/guro, scat/watersports, torture, bestiality, pregnancy, futanari and non-con. I’m not that big of a fan of poly relationships either, though it’s not a total turnoff. Cheating, on the other hand, is a bit of a no go.

Mass Effect
Characters: Any

Actual request: Shepard, being a player character, has so many ways to be interpreted, I don't think there's really much that could go wrong. Epic bromances with either man or fem Shep, a little romance (preferably with Zaeed, but I don't really care!), just a good old shoot-em-down and take-em-out ride through the galaxy, whatever floats your boat!

Mass Effect, while not the series that got me into fanfiction, is one of the closest ones to my heart. That sounds super-cheesy, but! To that end, though, I’m not really particular about what comes out of this. I do like to see the rarer characters used a little more. Kal’Reegar, Kai Leng, Kolyat (these all start with K, what am I doing?) would all be welcome, even if they weren’t on the nominated list.

If it’s romance, I’ve read it all, A(lenko) to Z(aeed) and everything in between, but my OTP is Shep/Zaeed. If you want to give me someone else though, I will not say no. In fact, I've been longing for a man!Shep/trap!Jack fic for a little while now. I'd love for m!Shep to be romancing Jack and find out he's been a guy all along. He's just been using femininity as one more tool in his killing arsenal and hopefully Shep finds that pretty hot.

As for plot-types? Go nuts. I’ll take AUs and canon adventures all the same. You want to show me the crew as Wild West gunslingers or hobbling around a broken London after the endgame? I’ll take it all. (Synthesis bugs me as an ending - that whole diversity of the galaxy being wiped out thing - but I understand the reasoning and have seen it work, so.)

Star Wars
Characters: Any

Actual request: Mandalorians are my bros, so mostly I'd love to see/hear something about them. The Old Republic is the timeline I know best, but Boba is a great guy too so really, whatever!

Star Wars is my first space-love, if not my only. The Old Republic, as stated above, is the area I know best and I would love to get more works set in that timeline out in the world. My EU knowledge after the movies extends only to vague notions of the Vong Invasion, some general marriage/children announcements, and whatever came through the Vector timeline cross in the comics. I have not played The Old Republic MMO (outside of the tiniest bit of one starting zone) though, so the characters and situations introduced in that game are still a mystery to me.

If you don’t want to do Old Republic, fair cop! I’ll take me some Boba Fett horsing around the galaxy, or maybe he and Han are secretly drinking buddies and they meet up to talk through the years. Even if you just show me some Mandies messing around in their downtime between battles, I’ll be happy.

The Fifth Element
Characters: Any

Actual request: I love Ruby and his flamboyancy; Korben and Leeloo and their adorably awkward romance; Zorg with his greed that must have arisen somehow; but all the background characters (military, flight attendants, the mangalores... even David and the Diva) give infinite ways to move around the world and create something beautiful. Whatever you give me here, I'm sure I'll love.

There’s not much more I have to say than what’s above. You want to do a character study on Zorg or tell me how he first got in contact with Mr. Shadow? Okay. You want to show Korben and Leeloo trying to escape the media and attention for a little alone time after the movie? Sure. You want to tell me how Ruby and Father Cornelius become the bestest bros and hang out all the time, with David alternately fretting and joining in? I would love you forever.

I realise I don't have much up here (on dreamwidth) but you can find my works on AO3 or FFN under Czigany or at czi.livejournal.com if you’re curious how I write.


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